I received this event account on February 22, 2007.
As with the previous survivor’s story, this account appears to be universally-representative of what other victims of “HOLDING THERAPY” endure.
Thankfully, the writer agreed to allow me to post it for others to read.

Dear Ms. Miller,

I was born in Budapest Hungary in 1987. I spent the first three years of my life in a Romanian Orphanage. I was one of a hand full of Gypsy children. I was put in a cage and forced to feed myself. There was nothing on the walls. It was a desolating time in my life.

I was finally adopted by a military family in 1991. Soon after that, my adopted father was assassinated (he was a very high ranking officer in the military). My adopted mother was very abusive to me. She put me in several mental hospitals. I never wanted to be held by her or touched. I was classified with Attachment disorder.

I was put through holding therapy when I was eight years old. These big women took me into a dark room with a couch. They told me to lay down on my back while they were underneath me. They forcefully held me down and hurt me while I screamed and tried to get away. This went on for several hours. I later figured out I was being video taped.

I went to this holding therapy everyday for a month. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, but deep down inside it still haunts me to this day. I could not breathe. I almost died.

I am only nineteen years old, but I feel like someone should speak up. This therapy did not help me whatsoever.

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