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FIRST; Bryan E. Bledsoe’s Current TEXAS MEDICAL BOARD (TMB)

To arrive at the SOURCE LINKS for ALL Bledsoe TMB Documents,
you have to access Bledsoe’s TMB PHYSICIAN PROFILE.
So, you might as well go there and print Bledsoe’s Current TMB Physician Profile first.

In case you want them (so as to perform a comparison of their content, related to the TIMELINE of events as described by the TMB investigative reports contained in the upcoming TMB documents), below are links to PDF files containing Texas Medical Board BLEDSOE PHYSICIAN PROFILESPUBLIC DOCUMENTS! – obtained by Ms. Charly D. Miller on the following dates:

The September 2001 Texas Medical Board Order to SUSPEND
Bryan E. Bledsoe’s License to Practice Medicine

You can download this document directly from the TMB website by following the previously-provided
directions to Bledsoe’s TMB PHYSICIAN PROFILE page (above).
Once there, follow these “GET TMB BLEDSOE DOCS” directions;

  1. Slowly scroll down Bledsoe’s Profile page, until you see “TMB Actions and License Restrictions.
  2. Below that, CLICK on the “VIEW ORDER(S)” Button.
    If you have a POP UP BLOCKER activated, you’ll need to “ALLOW” pop-ups,
    wait for the page to recycle, and then click on that button again.
  3. In the new window that opens, you should see a TABLE of “3 Documents Found.”
  4. Press and HOLD your CTRL button while you CLICK on the “view” PAGE ICON for Document 3.
  5. Another new window will open, and you must CLICK on the SECURITY BAR at its top,
    then CLICK on “DOWNLOAD FILE,”
    and then either OPEN the TIF, or SAVE the TIF to your computer.

Click HERE to obtain a PDF copy of that PUBLIC DOCUMENT from

MEDICAL BOARD REPORT; Fall, 2001 (Volume 23, Number 1)
– a Newsletter published by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners

As of September 24th, 2009, this document was still available on the TMB website at this Internet address:
Bledsoe’s Medical License Suspension is reported on Page 3 of this document, under
Disciplinary Actions,” beginning at the very BOTTOM of the LEFT column:

Bledsoe, Bryan E., D.O., Midlothian, TX, Lic. #H4172
An Agreed Order was entered on 9-7-01 suspending the physician’s license. Action due to intemperate use of alcohol or drugs, inability to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to patients because of excessive use of drugs, narcotics, chemicals, or another substance, and writing false and fictitious prescriptions for dangerous drugs.

Click HERE to obtain a PDF copy of that PUBLIC DOCUMENT from

The March 2003 TMB Order Reinstating Bledsoe’s License to Practice
Medicine, and Placing Him on a TEN-YEAR PROBATION

Click HERE to obtain a PDF copy of that PUBLIC DOCUMENT from

(A PDF copy created without the BLANK pages.)

The November 2007 TMB Order Granting Bledsoe’s Request That His
Ten-Year Probation Be Terminated More Than FIVE Years EARLY!!!

Click HERE to obtain a PDF copy of that PUBLIC DOCUMENT from


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