An UNbelievably Grotesque and DEVIANT Case of
Summit County, Ohio, SHERIFF’S DEPUTIES
Sexually Abusing, Hogtying, TASERing, and Pepper Spraying
a Mentally Ill Man While In Custody!


The Sheriff’s Deputies who PHYSICALLY PARTICIPATED in one or more of these grotesquely deviant and inhumane actions are not the only persons responsible for Mark McCullaugh’s death.

Every individual who witnessed the commission of acts as heinous as these, and failed to intervene while they were being committed, is also responsible for Mark McCullaugh’s death.

So. WHO is responsible for Mark McCullaugh’s death?:

I can’t remember the last time I was this appalled by the actions of individuals
who had presumably taken an OATH to PROTECT THE PUBLIC FROM HARM
(or, in the case of the medical personnel present, had taken an OATH to DO NO HARM)!

In fact, this might be the absolute worst case of in-custody ABUSE I’ve ever heard of.


Guess what?
This case takes even more UNbelievably deviant twists
when five of the deputies are indicted, and
Taser International joins in their defense!

Read about all these UNbelievably deviant events in
A Collection of 5 Articles Related to the August, 2006,
In-Custody Death of Mark D. McCullaugh, Jr.

If you don’t have an Adobe Acrobat PDF file program, you can download a FREE version HERE.

New on August 26, 2008:

I was sent a link to this page on the Akron News Now website:§ion=news&subsection=localnews

It contains the following AUDIO Files:

I also made a PDF of that page’s Printer Friendly version, containing the above links:
McCullaugh Verdict Audio Files

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