a famous (now “infamous”)
The Undeniably

That Falsely Claims To
Offer “TRUTH”
About Prone
Restraint Techniques!

Shlomi’s Feb, 2009 MUGSHOT,
when arrested for “felony battery
after allegedly beating up a prostitute
in his South Beach hotel room.

Definition of BOGUS”: Counterfeit or fake; not genuine.

Definition of SHAM”:
1. Something false or empty that is purported to be genuine; a spurious imitation.
2. The quality of deceitfulness; empty pretense.

This Web Page is An “OPINION PAPER.”
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– including New TERM and ABBREVIATION Definitions! –
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To periodically remind readers that this is an Opinion Paper, several of My OPINIONS are specifically identified by a Preface, and/or by Text that is posted in BLUE FONT COLOR.

Text posted in a NAVY FONT COLOR indicates unedited QUOTATIONS from a referenced source.

Bruce Chapman (the Bogus and Sham Website’s perpetrator) is so AFRAID of being QUOTED, that he filed a DMCA complaint about me quoting him in my original Opinion Paper.
So, in this EDITED version I had to create a “PARAPHRASE FONT COLOR” just for Him!
When you see text in that font color, you’ll know that I am PARAPHRASING statements made by Chapman.

The original version of this Opinion Paper was posted here on May 25th, 2009.

New TERMS and ABBREVIATIONS within this
Opinion Paper’s June 19th, 2009 Edition:

To learn WHY I’m using these new Terms and Abbreviations, go to:
Chapman & Adler’s DMCA Complaints About My Opinion Paper!

The Opinions Stated Herein are Based On:

*If Chapman amends and/or edits any or all of either or both of his websites’ content subsequent to the date my original Opinion Paper was posted (May 25th, 2009), or subsequent to the date this Updated Opinion Paper was posted (June 19th, 2009), that’s perfectly lovely.
Because, it remains a FACT that the information I obtained from his websites in April, May, and June of 2009, provides evidence that undeniably supports ALL of the opinions I have expressed herein.

Here Are My Opinions of Bruce Chapman’s
Bogus and Sham Prone Restraint “Truth” Website

OPINION #1; and Related Facts:

Bruce Chapman LIED BY OMISSION when he created the Undeniably BOGUS and SHAM Website that claims to provide the “truth” about prone restraint techniques.

From Wikipedia:
One lies by omission by omitting an important fact, deliberately leaving another person with a misconception. … A husband may tell his wife he was out at a store, which is true, but lie by omitting the fact that he also visited a bar.
When registering the Domain Name for his BS Website, Chapman purposefully elected to HIDE the fact that HE was its creator, by making the BS Website’s Domain Name Registrant information “PRIVATE.” (Something that probably cost him extra $$$, as well!)

[If you haven’t already; See “TIP #1” of Chapman & Adler’s DMCA Complaints About My Opinion Paper]

Why would Chapman purposefully HIDE his relationship to his BS Website?

It is My Opinion that:
Bruce Chapman did not want it known that the Founder and President of a company that trains people to employ forceful-prone-restraint was the same person who created the website that claimed to provide the “truth” about prone restraint techniques.

Because it was anonymously-authored (there is no information on that site identifying Who set it up), the BS Website enjoyed very little credibility to begin with. But, if it became commonly known that the Founder and President of a company that promoted Prone-Restraint Training was the person who created the website claiming that Prone restraint is entirely SAFE, the BS Website’s tiny bit of credibility would be entirely NEGATED!

Once people learn about Chapman’s incestuous relationship with the BS Website,
they will immediately recognize that:
Chapman’s BS WEBSITE is
Solely intended to increase the INCOME of
(by insinuating “SUPPORT” for)
His Restraint Training company’s Prone Restraint techniques!

After all, Chapman’s Restraint Training company needs people to continue paying for classes that promote the use of forceful-prone-restraint techniques, in spite of the fact that forceful-prone-restraint techniques have frequently been shown to be LETHAL!

Chapman’s company also wants to continue selling its outrageously expensive restraint-related equipment! Stuff like:

The Bogus and Sham Website that falsely claims to offer
the “TRUTH” about prone restraint techniques was created by
Bruce Chapman, the Founder and President of a company
that MAKES MONEY by training people to perform
potentially LETHAL prone restraint techniques.

Chapman DELIBERATELY attempted to HIDE
the fact that HE created the BS Website!

THUS, because it is FOUNDED on a huge LIE,
absolutely NOTHING on Chapman’s BS WEBSITE
can be relied on to represent anything
even remotely resembling
“TRUTH” related to the use of PRONE RESTRAINT!

OPINION #2; and Related Facts:

Chapman’s BS Website and Lethal Restraint Training Website offer IDENTICAL Argument papers, that supposedly provide support for his allegations that prone restraint is SAFE.

Within the identical BS and LRT Websites’ “Argument” papers, Chapman suggests a number of ridiculously untrue things, such as; PRONE Restraint techniques are less dangerous than SUPINE restraint techniques!

Within his Argument paper, and throughout BOTH of his WEBSITES, Chapman often makes broad statements such as that one, without offering any form of referenced “support” for them.

It is My Opinion that:
Chapman’s BS and LRT Websites’ pages (including the identical Argument papers) contain only enough “fact” to make them SEEM like his prone restraint SAFETY rhetoric might be reasonable.
In reality, the majority of his arguments are NOT – at all – “reasonable!”

OPINION #3; and Related Facts:

It is MY OPINION that:
Chapman also created his BS Website for the purpose of manufacturing something he could insinuate was an “independent reference” in support of the forceful-prone-restraint techniques that his Restraint Training company teaches.
[Yet another reason for Chapman wanting to HIDE
his incestuous relationship with the BS Website.] I suspect that Chapman’s Restraint Training company is scrambling for ways to
avoid being held morally, ethically, and LEGALLY responsible for the

DEATHS that have occurred at the hands of people who were
trained by his company to perform the
prone restraint techniques that he insists are “SAFE!”

[If you haven’t already; See “TIP #2” of
Chapman & Adler’s DMCA Complaints About My Opinion Paper
It will help you find info about some of the above-mentioned deaths.]

I sincerely doubt that Attorneys hired by the Families of Prone Restraint Asphyxia Victims would fall prey to the BS rhetoric found on Chapman’s BS Website. But, one never knows how a JURY might respond to an “Exhibit” printed from Chapman’s BS Website.

Happily, this Opinion Paper will assist ALL information seekers to recognize Chapman’s subterfuge. It also will provide an “Exhibit” source for the purpose of helping JURIES recognize Chapman’s subterfuge!

OPINION #4; and Related Facts:

On his BS Website, Chapman offers outrageously ridiculous comparisons between entirely unrelated, mundane things, and the physical performance of FORCEFUL-PRONE-RESTRAINT techniques – again, in an apparent effort to insinuate “support” for his false assertions that prone restraint is “SAFE.”

For instance, Chapman insinuates that
being subjected to Prone Restraint is SAFER than taking Aspirin!

Chapman’s comparison of elective aspirin ingestion with the non-elective suffering of forceful-prone-restraint at the hands of other human beings is so ABSURD, that one cannot help but be tempted to consider his comparison to be LAUGHABLE.
Unfortunately, the subject Chapman is JOKING about is LETHALLY SERIOUS!

On his BS Website, Chapman also inappropriately invokes HUMOR by posting an “HOMAGE”
to Talk Show Host DAVID LETTERMAN’s “TOP 10 LIST” comedy segment!:

In his bizarre David Letterman homage, Chapman insists that
the chances of someone DYING due to Prone Restraint
are LESS-LIKELY than them dying due to things like:

Does Chapman cite any references to “support” ANY of these bizarre claims?
NOPE. Not even ONE!

And, I am not the ONLY person who has been offended and alarmed by the grotesquely inappropriate JOKE arguments Chapman has posted on his BS Website, in relationship to this LIFE-THREATENING SUBJECT.

The following QUOTES represent a SAMPLE of comments about Chapman’s BS Website that have been posted on the
[A “Forum for reform to prevent injury and death from restraints used in schools, residential facilities and hospitals”]

It is My OPINION That:
Bruce Chapman JOKES about the DEATHS that have occurred due to forceful-prone-restraint (including DEATHS that have occurred at the hands of people HIS COMPANY has trained), in an effort to “Pooh-Pooh” the fact that forceful-prone-restraint has KILLED people.

If Chapman’s company was TRUTHFULLY interested
in training people to handle others with CARE, he would have

OPINION #5; and Related Facts:

Throughout his BS Website, Chapman repeatedly makes a variety of ridiculous claims, such as:
When correctly performed, prone restraint is not only SAFER than supine restraint, it’s more THERAPEUTIC than supine restraint!

Those same ridiculous claims can be found throughout his LRT Website.
But, on that site, Chapman also claims that his Restraint Training company’s forceful-prone-restraint technique:
is the FIRST technique of its kind to be granted a U.S. PATENT, because it is the ONLY forceful-prone-restraint technique that has ever included SAFEGUARDS which PREVENT asphyxia from occurring during a prone restraint hold!

But, NOWHERE, on either of his websites, does Chapman provide any tangible description or explanation of WHAT his company’s prone restraint techniques are, or WHY they are so allegedly “SAFE.” Chapman additionally fails to provide ANY photos or line drawings demonstrating the magical safeguards he alleges will prevent restraint asphyxia death from during prone restraint.

Eager to give him the benefit of a doubt, and eager to provide him an opportunity to PROVE His Point, I Emailed Chapman almost immediately after learning about his BS Website: on April 20th, 2009.
In that Email, I advised Chapman that I was preparing an opinion statement about his Restraint Training company’s prone restraint technique claims, his BS Website, and the “ARGUMENT” paper I found on both his websites.
In that Email, I asked Chapman to send me a PHOTO or DIAGRAM of his allegedly “SAFE” prone restraint technique; something that would demonstrate the TRUTH of his Claims.

Oh, SurpriZe!
May 25th, 2009 arrived without me receiving ANYTHING from BRUCE CHAPMAN.
In fact, he didn’t even bother to REPLY to my Email.

Although specifically invited to do so,
Bruce Chapman FAILED to provide ANY kind of EVIDENCE
to support his Bogus and Sham claims that his
Restraint Training company offers instruction in a
Magically “SAFE” Method of PRONE RESTRAINT.

Bruce Chapman is UNABLE to provide any kind of Description, Photo or Diagram, that actually DEMONSTRATES how his company’s method of Prone Restraint is so magically “SAFE.”

WHY is Chapman entirely UNABLE to DEMONSTRATE the
REAL “TRUTH” about His Prone Restraint Safety Claims?

Because the REAL “TRUTH” about
is this:
can quite easily

And there is NO SUCH THING as a
method of

OPINION #6; and Related Facts:

CPR Hardly EVER Saves Someone From DEATH: From
Patients who need CPR because their heart has stopped have low rates of survival, often around 10-20%.

  • From
    Used alone, CPR will result in few complete recoveries But! Wouldn’t you want YOUR LOVED ONE (or yourself) to receive CPR, just in case they might be among the very “FEW” people (10-20%) who could survive cardiopulmonary arrest with the help of CPR?

    If YOUR LOVED ONE (or yourself) suffered from a condition that might result in an emergency requiring RESTRAINT APPLICATION so that TREATMENT could be performed – conditions such as:

    • Diabetes
    • Seizures
    • Electrolyte Imbalance
    • Accidental Head Trauma
    • Sudden Systemic (total body) Infection
    • Acute Psychosis
    • Accidental Alcohol or Drug Overdose
    • and many others!
    Wouldn’t you want YOUR LOVED ONE (or yourself) to be restrained in a manner that is

    I’ve asked the above questions because …

    On his Websites, Bruce Chapman insinuates that:
    Because statistics show that only around 20 unfortunate incidents (such as DEATH) occur each year during restraint applications, it would be IRRESPONSIBLE to mandate a BAN on prone restraint employment [the form of restraint most often associated with the “FEW” restraint DEATHS that occur each year].

    On his Websites, Bruce Chapman also insinuates that:
    Because so MANY episodes of restraint application (including forceful-prone-restraint) have prevented injury to restrainers each year, it is far more COST EFFECTIVE to continue promoting ALL forms of restraint (including asphyxial forms, such as prone restraint).

    It is My OPINION That:
    I should let YOU come to your OWN OPINION about those Chapman statements!


    Plz consider ALL the Opinions and Facts
    I’ve presented in this Opinion Paper.

    Plz use “TIP #1” of
    Chapman & Adler’s DMCA Complaints About My Opinion Paper
    to Discover the REAL TITLES of Chapman’s websites.
    Then EXPLORE THEM for yourself!


    Develop YOUR OWN Conclusions
    About Bruce Chapman’s
    Bogus and Sham
    Prone Restraint “TRUTH”

    Sincerely YOURS,
    Ms. Charly D. Miller

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