Charly D. Miller,
RETIRED Paramedic



Consultant and Expert Witness

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CHAS’ Emergency Medical Service (EMS) EDUCATION



Ms. Charly D. Miller began her patient-care-provider career as an in-hospital Psychiatric Medical Technician in 1979, becoming an EMT-Basic in 1983. In 1984, she became an Army National Guard Helicopter Medic, and in 1986 she became a field-operating Paramedic. After working the streets of Denver, Colorado for ten years – as a PARAMEDIC, thankyouverymuch! – Charly was a seasoned emergency responder when she retired from patient-care provision in November of 1998.

A privately-contracted emergency medicine Instructor since 1984, Charly taught on local, regional, and national levels; and gained a reputation as “one of the United States’ most exciting and entertaining emergency response Educators.” After 2001, Charly had also become an Internationally-known Educator.

Her first EMS text (Home Meds; A Paramedic’s Pocket Guide to Prescription Medications) was published in 1992; followed by publication of her first EMT-B National Standards Self Test textbook in 1992, and publication of her first EMT-Paramedic National Standards Self Test textbook in 1993. Each of those Self Test textbooks now have several “editions.” As of 2008, her new coauthor, James “JJ” Wohlers, will be helping her with future editions.

Charly began specializing in the provision of patient restraint
issues and safe techniques education in 1993, after realizing that
No One Else was offering such training to EMS personnel!
In 1997, she began additionally specializing in teaching issues and
techniques related to avoiding RESTRAINT ASPHYXIA – training
required by (but rarely offered to) NUMEROUS types of responders.

[Charly created her Website sometime within those years.
She doesn’t remember when! (“It was probably in 1997.”)]

In 1999, Charly began working as an EMS and Restraint Asphyxia Expert Witness. For eight years she represented victims of the nationwide failure to adequately educate medical responders and law enforcement personnel in safe and effective means of restraint. It is her opinion that Adult and Pediatric victims, involuntarily suffering from mind-altering afflictions such as diabetes, seizure disorders, psychiatric conditions (and the like), have a right to safe and effective restraint!

Charly retired from Expert Witness work in January of 2008, though she still acts as a consultant for James “JJ” Wohlers – the individual she has endorsed to assume ALL of her restraint-related work. Charly continues to minimally maintain her website so that the incredibly important Restraint Asphyxia Library – a FREE RESOURCE for information related to restraint dangers and restraint-associated deaths – remains available online.

For Restraint-Related Classes, Protocol Consultation, or
EXPERT WITNESS work, contact:

Mr. James J. Wohlers

CHAS’ Endorsement of JJ
A pdf file explaining why Charly chose JJ to “succeed” her, and how she
continues to support his restraint-related work even after her retirement.

This file identifies JJ’s education and accomplishments as of September, 2007.
To obtain JJ’s most current “CV” plz Email him asking for it
(telling him WHO you are and WHY you want it).

Email JJ at:

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