CONTENT is applicable to ANY SERVICE who’s members

BUT, Here’s the DEAL:
I began teaching “generic” Patient Restraint programs to EMS providers since 1993. And, in 1997 I began teaching Restraint Asphyxia programs to ALL types of restrainers. So, I am the most qualified (experienced) person on the planet to teach these programs.
BUT! I retired from teaching in January, 2008!
Thankfully, before I retired, I trained and ENDORSED another Instructor to take over for me:
James Wohlers – “JJ”!
So, OBVIOUSLY, JJ is the person best able to teach your service about restraint and restraint asphyxia issues!

UNFORTUNATELY, many services simply cannot afford – all by themselves – to fly JJ in to teach.
He and I understand that!
Consequently, I strongly urge services interested in obtaining the BEST POSSIBLE RESTRAINT EDUCATION to COMBINE FORCES (budgets) with OTHER services in their area!
See the SERVICE LIST ABOVE for OTHERS in your area who also require safe and effective restraint training. CONTACT THEM, and see if they’ll assist you in defraying the cost of bringing JJ in to teach, so that THEIR personnel may also receive the training!

BUT! Since JJ and I are NOT “motivated by money,”
when services absolutely cannot find a way to afford bringing JJ to teach in their area, I am HAPPY to help them develop their own Restraint Asphyxia programs. Thus, I am HAPPY to share my Power Point Restraint Asphyxia slides with other Educators – “FREE OF CHARGE”!!!

Although they are FREE; if YOU are an Educator who wants to use my slides to develop your own restraint asphyxia program, I have a few REQUIREMENTS for you to meet, BEFORE I’ll send you my slides!

I need the some specific information from you to maintain my “records,” and to know WHICH set of slides to send you.
“Select” and “Copy” the text following the next SHORT green line,
then “Paste” it into your CHAS-Slides-Request-Email.
Edit” the pasted-in text by replacing blank lines with typed information,
and DELETING TEXT that does NOT apply to you
so that what REMAINS in your Email is “TRUE” about:

My First & Last Name is _____________________________

I live in _____________________________ [City/State and Country (if not USA)]

I have a “Dial-Up” Internet connection (I connect via a “phone” line).

I have a “Cable” or “DSL” Internet connection.

The “SIZE LIMIT” of incoming Email set by my Internet Server is _____ MB.
[If you don’t know, contact your Internet Server & ask!]

I instruct the following types of PERSONNEL:
[DELETE all those you do NOT teach]
Fire Department Personnel
Prehospital EMS Providers
In-Hospital Emergency Department Staff
In-Hospital “Ward” Staff
Care Providers for Mentally Disabled Individuals / Psychiatric Patients
Care Providers for Developmentally Disabled Individuals
Law Enforcement Personnel
Correctional Personnel
Security Personnel
OTHER ________________________________.

“Select” and “Copy” the text following the next SHORT green line,
and “Paste” it into your CHAS-Slides-Request-Email.
So, READ them, CAREFULLY, before doing it!

[If you cannot agree to ALL these things,
DO NOT Email me asking for the slides.]

  1. I agree NOT to “sell” Charly’s slides to others.
  2. I agree NOT to GIVE Charly’s slides to others.
    (If someone else wants Charly’s PP slides, I will send them to her Web Site
    so that they can Email her their agreement to these terms!)
  3. I agree NOT to “publish” Charly’s slides for profit
    (such as in a booklet or text offered for sale).
  4. I understand that I may only include Charly’s slides in a “Handout,”
    if it is distributed free of charge.
  5. I understand that I may only include Charly’s slide images on a Free-Access Web Site.
  6. I agree NOT to ALTER any of Charly’s slides,
    without first obtaining her permission to do so.
  7. I agree to briefly acknowledge Charly D. Miller’s “contribution” to my Restraint Asphyxia program, by offering her Web Site Address in ALL written material that accompanies my program (or on my Web Site, if that is how I use them).
  8. If I do not provide “handouts,” or the like, I will write Charly’s Web Site Address
    on a notice board or small sign, and display it for my class,
    so that interested persons may make a note of it.

“Select” and “Copy” the text following the next SHORT green line,
and “Paste” it into your CHAS-Slides-Request-Email.
So, READ them, CAREFULLY, before doing it!

[If you cannot agree to ALL these things,
DO NOT Email me asking for the slides.]

  1. I agree to begin my presentation by leading participants through the TWO
    ASSUME THE POSITION” exercises, described on Charly’s Web Site.
  2. I agree to clearly explain the PATHOPHYSIOLOGY of Restraint Asphyxia (in English),
    to my class. [See the Restraint Asphyxia – Silent Killer article!]
  3. I agree to focus on FORCEFUL-PRONE-RESTRAINT as the “true culprit” responsible for Restraint Asphyxia, and explain the ERROR of the OLD emphasis upon “hobble restraint!”

Jeeze. I think that’s it!

REMEMBER: Your Email becomes your “CONTRACT” with me!!!
And, TRUST ME! I WILL be filing it somewhere! LOL

Upon receipt of your CONTRACT-containing Email request for my slides,
I’ll send you the appropriate .ppt file of my slides.

My Restraint Asphyxia – Silent Killer article
contains all the information you need to develop a “SLIDE GUIDE”
for your RASK Slide Program!

However, after reading and comparing my RASK article with the slides,
if there are any slides that you cannot figure out, EMAIL ME. I’ll help you.

Ah! One slide that needs an explanation NOT included in the RASK article:
The "Quick Like A Bunny" slide is what I use to cue myself to get people QUICKLY up, out of their seats, QUICKLY spread out about the room, and then talk them through the steps for the “ASSUME THE POSITION” exercises!
Since, in order to GET my slides, YOU have CONTRACTUALLY AGREED to lead your students through these exercises, you had best visit the following page!

“ASSUME THE POSITION” Exercise Directions and Safety Guidelines
This “teeny, tiny, taste” of a couple inappropriate restraint positions gives participants a dramatic and impressive kinesthetic (physical) sense of how very difficult breathing becomes – even when someone is well-rested and relatively healthy – if they are forcefully placed on their belly (or hog-tied and kept in a prone position).
Once they’ve gained this kinesthetic awareness (this kinesthetic MEMORY), participants’ understanding of, and receptiveness to, ALL subsequent presentation aspects is significantly enhanced!!!

Many of my newest EMS ppt slides address issues discussed in my January 2003 REVIEWS of two JEMS articles. They also include images from the two reviewed articles.
(JEMS gave me LOTS of examples of what NOT to do!)

To understand and present these EMS slides (especially to guide your audience through the “CRITIQUE” slides), you need to read BOTH these reviews:
Review of January 2003 JEMS “Tricks of the Trade” Column
Review of March 2002 JEMS “Exercise Restraint” Article

Apart from becoming familiar with these two new reviews, a STRONG FAMILIARITY with my “Restraint Asphyxia – Silent Killer” and “All Tied Up & No Place To Go” articles is all you’ll need to use (and present) these slides appropriately!

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